Caldo Bello


Shortwave irradiation; heat penetrates directly into the irradiated body. The short- wave infrared halogen lamp by hypodermic saturation capacities on biological organisms, allows the distribution of heat throughout the body via the blood circulation!

1. No breakage in bulbs by spraying water disinfection in irradiation conditions.
2. Long life bulb tested working more than 8000 hours.
3. Heating apparatus CALDO BELLO give heat even if the chickens are placed two meters away from the lamp because it is not the bulb that gives heat but the particular infrared rays emitted!
4. The best feature of CALDO BELLO! is that it only heats the birds, all other items and forms present, as, drinking water, supplied food, cages, etc. (all cold bodies) are and remains always cold! This feature prevents evaporation, fermentation, gastric problems and also many other problems.