50 – 66 – 96 – 99 – 168 – 192 – 198 – 252 – 336 – 624 – 678 – 684

Standard features of the machinery:

  • Inverted water cooling circuits to improve the eggs cooling efficiency and Indipendent high efficiency air cooling system to faster decrease of eggs overheat.
  • Efficient Energy Saving system – eg , just 6 kW to heat-up the 19.200 hen eggs.
  • Long-Life Electric Heat battery.
  • Large inspection porthole window.
  • Pulsator fan blade to distribute the clima equally.
  • Trolleys with indipendent adjustable turning system for each trolley (or by single turning point for all the trolleys).
  • Rust-proof easy-to-clean construction, high thickness cabinet without cold spots areas – made of sandwich style panels standard by plastic coated metal sides and 60 mm. thickness styrofoam insulation (on demand Fiberglass and Stainless steel cabins and styrofoam insulation thickness up to 120 mm.).
  • MAINO-CLEVER Micro-Computer controller with the latest wireless web tecnology.
  • High efficiency Full automatic cold fogger Humidificator.
  • Automatic & Servo-assisted manual eggs turning.
  • 24/24 hours day O3M-Oxycide by Maino Disinfection System on-board fully automatically controlled.
  • Supplied complete of plastic incubation trays to hold 150 hen eggs each and similar egg sizes or hatching baskets in plastic with mesh lid that perfectly ensure safety to eggs & chicks during the hatch. The baskets provides the necessary grip for the hatched chicks legs (number of trays and baskets according to the purchased version).

Controlled by the new CLEVER by MAINO SCADA Controller with digital display that allow the full management & control of;

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Automatic eggs turning
  • Eggs charging schedule
  • Real Time Clima monitor with graphical vision
  • Datalog
  • Log downloadable
  • Environment climatic data
  • Alarms list
  • Automatic Oxycide disinfection system
  • Eggs refreshing
  • And many other technical features
  • Buzzer alert alarm that advice about the alarm status

The CLEVER SCADA controller:

  • Creates a local WiFi wireless network that allows the machine management from any devices with WiFi as any personal tablet, smartphone or PC registered and confirmed by the supervisor in the network, can easily control the machinery.
  • CLEVER communicates messages of operations, send appointments & alarm messages ( eg. alerts when it is time to transfer the eggs load to the hatcher unit, etc. … ).
  • If the CLEVER controller is connected to the Internet network it will be accessible from anywhere, where internet connection is available – High grade encryption access granted.

Optionals Parts:

  • Some kind of trays in where hold other kind of eggs … as quail, pheasant, turkey, goose.
  • CO control
  • PC station for devices and data management
  • Closed circuit cooling liquid refrigeration system
  • Self-sanitization and sterilization O3M-Oxicide by Maino technology system and program, to avoid any possible contagion or proliferation of any Avian disease eg Bird Flu or of the same within the entire structure and in all the machines and stations present for the entire building .